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Marine Cup Holders

Piedmont Plastics offers King StarBoard, the top marine building board, to assist with marine cup holder fabrication. Find marine plastic materials at one of 40 Piedmont locations around the country.


Marine cup holders can be found on boats of all sizes, and are designed to withstand the harsh marine environment while retaining an attractive look. King StarBoard®, the best marine building board for this application, can be easily fabricated and customized for virtually any configuration including cup holders for cans, mugs, seat-mounted holders, console storage holders and tackle holders.

StarBoard® materials are extremely durable with built-in UV resistance and antimicrobial properties for a maintenance and worry-free boat cup holder. The materials are easily machined and manufactured with the longevity of traditional plastic products.

With easily accessible locations across North America, Piedmont Plastics supplies marine builders and enthusiasts with the full line of King StarBoard® products to suit every application. Piedmont stocks a full range of colors and textures for a fully customizable final application design. Allow our experienced team help you choose the perfect product for your needs.