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Fishing Tackle Storage

Piedmont Plastics carries marine grade plastic, including PMG Ultra® and StarBoard® for fishing tackle storage and other marine projects.


Tackle organization is key to a successful fishing trip. A fishing tackle storage unit constructed with a marine specific product will effectively resist the harsh elements of the marine environment while providing you with easy access to your gear. Interior drawers and dividers can be constructed of less durable plastic materials with a high gloss or satin finish.

Piedmont Plastics stocks several recommended products that successfully counteract the rough marine environment. PMG Ultra® has impact modifiers to help it take a beating without the typical cracking issues found in normal acrylic products. PMG Ultra® comes with a high gloss face and can be finished on the edges to match the shine of your boat’s coat. StarBoard® is another option that will stand up to the rugged marine environment and is fully customizable to meet your specific needs.

Piedmont Plastics offers a wide array of products to complete all of your marine building projects. Piedmont has 15 locations across North America staffed with marine specific experts available to help you find the ideal product for your application. We offer impact-modified products that stand up to the harshness of the marine environment year after year.