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Marine Grade Polyolefin

Marine Grade Polyolefin

Marine Grade Polyolefins are known for their ability to resist rotting, swelling, splintering, discoloring or delaminating when exposed to humidity, water, or the sun. Marine grade polyolefins offer superior flexibility and toughness to the marine market and often last longer than teak and other common marine materials. Marine grade polyolefins offer consistent thicknesses, color and are UV stabilized to resist degradation by direct sunlight.

Marine grade polyolefins are easily machined and can be mechanically fastened with screw retention. Marine grade polyolefins are not limited to ship and boat components, but can also be utilized in outdoor equipment, the food industry, and outdoor cabinetry. Piedmont has a dedicated marine sales division and stocks a multitude of marine grade products in a variety of colors and gauges for all your marine applications.

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