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Outdoor Furniture

Piedmont Plastics stocks the plastic sheet, such as HDPE plastic sheet, that manufacturers need to create weather-resistant, comfortable outdoor furniture products.


Outdoor furniture takes a variety of forms and shapes based on the demands of the end user. Typically crafted from wood, metal or plastic products, outdoor furniture is built for durability and longevity with continual care. HDPE plastic sheet is a preferred product used to craft a variety of outdoor furniture pieces including picnic tables and benches, chaise lounges, ottomans, planters, end tables, bars and bar stools.

Outdoor furniture constructed with HDPE plastic sheet provides numerous benefits over traditional wood or metal products, including multiple color options, design flexibility, low maintenance, no painting, cracking or breakage, and longevity of product life. Additionally, HDPE material can be recycled and reconstituted from recycled products.

Piedmont Plastics stocks a wide range of sheet sizes, widths, and colors for optimal final application design. We have years of experience and expert sales representatives committed to product excellence. Let us help you choose the ideal material match for your outdoor furniture applications.