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MCAM Kyron® GC-100

Aerospace KyronMAX PEEK th e rm oplasti c Tolerances p ing Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials KyronTEX Products KyronMAX ess ze d Number of parts tions c ro In hydraulic actuation systems the position of the piston rod is monitored by a mechanical device that translates the position of the rod into a turning angle which is converted into an electrical analogue signal. The positioning information has to be extremely accurate as it controls the valves for the hydraulic actuator which is used in various flight applications. Forged metal can be used in this application but has to be corrosion treated and is heavy weight. olu S d oa o p t i mi Provide an extremely stiff material for use in hydraulic environment Hig h Challenge L Hydraulic Actuator for Piston Rods Cost per part Non-recurring costs Key Requirements High flexural strength Chemical resistance Skydrol Dimensional stability from -60 to 120 C -76 to 248 F similar to metal Excellent fatigue resistance Fire resistance Customer Benefits Less maintenance due to its corrosion resistance Highest flexural strength Freedom of design Hydraulic Actuator for Piston Rod in aircraft wing Lower cost through efficient molding process MCAMconnect Metals vs KyronMAX Why KyronMAX PEEK Strength to Weight Ratio 500 This carbon fiber filled PEEK based material in combination with the proprietary molding process of Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Solutions - Engineered Solution provides solutions with stiffness higher than metal where needed. 400 400 300 300 200 200 100 m Ti ta n in u Al um Ti ta n m in u Al um St ee 0 St ee l l M ag ne si si um um 0 iu iu m m Kr Kr on on M M AX AX S S Ky Ky ro ro nM nM AX AX Ky Ky ro ro ES nT nT ES EX EX 0 0 90 90 PE PE EK EK Ky Ky ro ro nM nM AX AX XS XS 100 M ag ne Specific Specific Strength Strength Mpag Mpag cm3cm3 500 Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials vs KyronMAX 75000 After the careful selection of the polymer matrix according to the custome

r requirements in this case PEEK for hydraulics the part design gets analysed. Areas of high load are determined and carefully examined. The customer adapts the part design for the required processing conditions. The result is a non-metallic high load carrying part that provides the typical chemical resistance and weight of a high performance plastic and the metal like stiffness in the high stress areas. Stiffness 75000 KyronMAX S Series KyronMAX ES Series KyronMAX XS Series Tensile Strenghth Up to 50000 psi 345 MPa 50000-75000 psi 345-517 MPa 75000-120000 psi 517-827 MPa Tensile Modulus Up to 5 million psi 35 GPa 5-8 million psi 35-55 GPa 5-12 million psi 55-83 GPa Fillers MAX Fibers MAX Fibers Glass Carbo MAX Fibers Glass Carbon Polymers PEEK PPS PEI PPA PA PEEK PPA PEEK PPA Metal Replacement Aluminium Cast Iron Magnesium Steel Aluminium Cast Iron Magnesium Titanium Stainless Steel Aluminium Cast Iron Magnesium 60000 45000 30000 XS M ro n AX ro n M Ky Ky 0 X PE 90 0 Ky ro n TE X ro n Ky EK 90 AX PE AX M ES ro n AX M AX M Ky ro n AX M ro n Ky Ky ro n Ke ES S Ky n C tro Ke n C tro Ky F ro n 0 S ro n 0 F 15000 TE 15000 EK 30000 XS 45000 Ky E Modulus E Modulus MPaMPa 60000 Relative Cost Distributed by MCAMconnect All statements technical information and recommendations contained in this publication are presented in good faith and are as a rule based upon tests and such tests are believed to be reliable and practical field experience. The reader however is cautioned that Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of this information and it is the customers responsibility to determine the suitability of Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials products in any given application. Kyron is a registered trademark of the Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials group of companies. Design and content created by Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials and are protected by copy

right law. Copyright Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials. All rights reserved. MCM AS 6 10.21.19