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PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene)

Piedmont Plastics carries virgin and mechanical PTFE, also known as Teflon®, available in sheets, rods and tubes for mechanical and electrical applications.

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Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), generally referred to as Teflon® (a registered trademark of DuPont), is a synthetic, nontoxic, fluorocarbon-based polymer that is widely used in many applications. PTFE’s low coefficient of friction, excellent electrical properties, high chemical resistance, and stability in wide temperature ranges make it a choice material for electrical and thermal applications like coil separators and terminals, as well as high-temperature seals, insulators, and bearings.

Virgin PTFE is made from pure PTFE resin with no added recycled material. Virgin PTFE is extremely chemical resistant, serves as an electrical insulator, and retains flexibility in low temperatures. Virgin PTFE is FDA approved and is often used in food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic applications.

Mechanical PTFE is made with reprocessed PTFE resin. While mechanical grade PTFE has slightly lower physical properties than virgin PTFE, this grade has an extremely low coefficient of friction and can operate in extreme temperatures, making it an excellent material for high-performance parts and non-critical chemical, mechanical, and electrical components. Mechanical PTFE can be filled with various materials to improve its properties. Depending on the filler used, filled PTFE can have enhanced deformation, wear, compressive, thermal, and electrical properties.

Piedmont Plastics offers a wide variety of PTFE materials including Teflon®. Piedmont offers virgin and filled mechanical PTFE sheets, rods, and tubes in various sizes and thicknesses.

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