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MCAM Fluorosint® 135 PTFE

Aerospace E r t a cetal POM- H A c e tro n P OM- H Aircraft Landing Gear Greaser Plug Challenge Provide the customer with a true one stop shop solution streamlining the existing time and resource consuming process The landing gear is a critical part of an aircraft or spacecraft. It supports the craft when not flying and allows it to taxi take off land and brake smoothly and without damage to main structure. Aircraft landing gear usually includes structure actuating system and the rolling assembly consisting of wheels brakes and tires. This undercarriage is a relatively heavy part of the vehicle it can be as much as 7 of the takeoff weight but more typically is 45. On larger aircraft the landing gear is stowed away in the fuselage or wing compartments whilst in flight and therefore has to retract and extract from the undercarriage. Extraction of the landing gear is extremely safety relevant and needs to be 100 reliable. Greaser Plug The system incorporates critical bearing joints that also mounts the landing gear to the undercarriage. The assembly consists of a bronze spherical bearing and a pintle pin which requires lubrication. This internal lubrication is achieved by the use of a greaser plug that fits within the pintle bore and facilitates the application of grease. Key Requirements C hemically resistant to the grease and other contaminants Material should not scratch the pintle bore E xcellent machining properties to facilitate deep drill holes combined with expert machining capability to drill deep small diameters M ust remain free of distortion to aid assemble and removal MCAMconnect Customer Benefits U se of a polymer rather than alloy bronze made a weight saving of 51 possible A s a result of working with Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials the customer has benefited significantly from reduced work in progress simplified certification reduced finished stock and lower overall costs Why Ertacetal POM-H Acetron POM-H

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials manufactures Ertacetal H stock shapes using Homo-polymer which is traditionally very hard to produce in the size required without centreline porosity. Excellent mechanical properties allows use of standard fasteners Excellent stability and machining properties reduce machining cost Durability of material allows easy installation and removal low distortion Chemical resistance enables very long service life time Distributed by Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials Added Value Utilize machining know-how within dedicated plastic machining centers to now offer the complete supply from resin to assembly Global experience and quality in manufacturing engineering polymers shapes in combination with our highly developed machining capabilities Our material processing and machining facilities are accredited to AS9100 rev C management system Use knowledge experience and test capability built up over five decades to ensure that the extruded stock shape is consistent both in its mechanical properties and its dimensional stability MCAMconnect All statements technical information and recommendations contained in this publication are presented in good faith and are as a rule based upon tests and such tests are believed to be reliable and practical field experience. The reader however is cautioned that Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of this information and it is the customers responsibility to determine the suitability of Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials products in any given application. Ertacetal and Acetron are registered trademark of the Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials group of companies. Design and content created by Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials and are protected by copyright law. Copyright Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials. All rights reserved. MCM AS 6 10.21.19