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Medical Equipment

Medical Equipment

Plastics are used to manufacture many types of medical equipment from MRI machines to handheld diagnostic wands. Other high-purity plastics are used in medical devices such as surgical instruments, dental instruments, sterilization trays, endoscopic probes, anesthetic, diagnostic, and imaging equipment. Because of their unique properties, certain plastics are better suited for medical applications where safety and sterilization are imperative. Some plastic materials can be autoclaved hundreds of times without degradation.

The use of plastics is quickly growing in the areas of orthotics and prosthetics. Lightweight plastics are used to form replacement joints, non-surgical supports, and therapy equipment. Clear plastics provide visibility for transfusions, surgeries, and diagnostic equipment of all kinds. Plastics can be machined, molded, or formed into almost any shape imaginable. Piedmont Plastics offers a wide variety of medical grade plastic materials that meet FDA and USP Class VI requirements as well as lot and batch traceability.

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