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Medical Equipment

Piedmont Plastics offers an extensive line of plastics for medical equipment that meet FDA and USP Class VI requirements, as well as lot and batch traceability.


Thanks to their versatility, performance plastics are used in countless medical applications including medical equipment, devices, and instruments to keep patients and medical professionals safe and healthy during every procedure. In addition, with the recent and sudden rise of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases, the demand for these materials continues to rise as they are used to help fight the pandemic. Furthermore, recent advancements in material technology have allowed performance plastics to evolve alongside medical breakthroughs.

Our Material Selection

Piedmont provides a wide-range of material options to meet the growing demands of the medical field. Our plastics can be used to manufacture many types of medical equipment from MRI machines to handheld diagnostic wands. Other high-purity plastics can be used in medical devices such as surgical instruments, dental instruments, sterilization trays, endoscopic probes, and anesthetic, diagnostic, and imaging equipment. Some of the most common applications our materials are used for include: orthotics and prosthetic devices, sterilization trays, surgical face shields, PPE face shields, safety partitions, medical containment and isolation cubicles, and other anti-microbial solutions.

Common Plastics for Medical Applications

Benefits of Performance Plastics

Performance plastics offer a variety of unique properties, with certain plastics better suited for medical applications where safety and sterilization are imperative. Most of these plastics share common characteristics such as good impact resistance, chemical resistance, flexibility, no moisture absorption, and even the ability to be autoclaved hundreds of times without degradation.

There are also many plastics that are quickly growing in the areas of orthotics and prosthetics. For example, lightweight plastics are used to form replacement joints, non-surgical supports, and therapy equipment. Our clear plastic materials provide visibility for transfusions, surgeries, and diagnostic equipment. With that being said, most of our plastic materials can be machined, molded, or formed into almost any shape imaginable. Piedmont Plastics also offers a wide variety of medical grade plastic materials that meet FDA and USP Class VI requirements as well as lot and batch traceability.

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