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Polycarbonate Film

Polycarbonate film offers exceptional clarity, top-quality printing, performs well in elevated temperatures, and is easily thermoformed and molded.

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Polycarbonate film is highly impact resistant and performs well in a variety of environments, including those with high temperature ranges. Polycarbonate film offers exceptional clarity and is easily thermoformed and molded. This makes it an exceptional product for PPE applications such as face shields where optical clarity is vital. Compatible with most ink, polycarbonate film is also ideal for menu boards, labels, and name plates. In addition, polycarbonate film is an ideal printing medium since it can be dried quickly at elevated temperatures. Its tamper proof qualities and lightweight design also make polycarbonate film a good choice for identification cards.

Polycarbonate blended film types are extremely versatile and are used in a variety of applications. These applications include face shields, instrument panels, trade show displays, membrane switches, control panels, and decals. Polycarbonate films can be die cut or laser cut to efficiently produce products with consistency. Furthermore, polycarbonate film can be formed either hot or cold, which enables top-quality printing with standard inks using screen or digital printing. 

Piedmont Plastics carries a variety of film products in varying grades, textures, and transparencies in over 48 locations across North America. Contact us today to discuss your polycarbonate film needs and our dedicated film specialists will help you select the right solution for your application.

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