Orthotics and Prosthetic Devices

Orthotics and Prosthetic Devices

The product of engineering, mechanics, and anatomy studies, orthotic devices are a multi-faceted specialty in the medical industry used to assist or resist movement for continuous support and relief. Shoe inserts are a common type of orthotic intended to change and correct abnormal walking behavior by adjusting foot elevation and gait angles. Neck, knee and wrist braces and lower back casts are other types of orthotics commonly prescribed by doctors. While many of the orthotics are meant to be supportive, flexible plastic sheet is key to creating a successful product.

Many types of sheet plastics are favored by orthotists and prosthetists such as Polypropylene, Kydex, and Copolymer Polypropylene, with Polypropylene being the most widely used and accepted material. Polypropylene, one of the strongest yet most formable sheet plastics available, can be easily machined or thermoformed and formed to custom fit individual patient needs. Copolymer Polypropylene is slightly more flexible than standard grade Polypropylene while Kydex is an excellent reinforcing material over soft plastic foam, a perfect fit for creating orthotic devices.

Piedmont Plastics stocks all three sheet materials to suit various orthotics in a variety of colors and thicknesses. Our experienced staff can make material cut-and-size recommendations for your specific orthotic needs to ensure your clients get the best end product available.

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