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Arkema Plexiglas® Sylk

Dec. 2016 PLEXIGLAS SYLK Think Sleek and Chic for Your New Designs Introducing the newest addition to the Plexiglas acrylic sheet family of products Plexiglas Sylk. With the latest technological developments in light diffusion Plexiglas Sylk acrylic sheet was developed with a focus on the trends toward LED light sources. Sleek and captivating Plexiglas Sylk offers a unique blend of properties that provides brilliance and luminosity without sacrificing light transmission. Features Excellent Diffusion Characteristics Exceptional Light Transmission Maximum LED Hiding Power Soft Subtle Texture Easily Fabricated and Thermoformed Lightweight - Half the Weight of Glass Fingerprint and Mar Resistant Surface Consistent Optical Performance Across All Thicknesses Maintains Same Soft Appearance After Bending Forming UL Certified Applications Architectural Lighting POP Displays Store Fixtures Privacy Partitions Wall Paneling Standard Offering Skylights Luminaries Decorative Glazing IndoorOutdoor Signs Furniture Available in 4 x 8 colorless sheet Standard gauges of 0.080 0.118 0.177 and 0.236 Custom sizes quoted upon request ACRYLIC SHEET Plexiglas Sylk acrylic sheet can be easily designed and has all the fabrication attributes you have come to expect of standard Plexiglas sheet. Unlike products exhibiting a mechanically applied finish the soft subtle texture is engineered throughout the entire acrylic sheet retaining its beautiful aesthetic even after thermoforming. With its exceptional light transmittance and resistance to wear qualities Plexiglas Sylk is a perfect choice for a variety of applications. This versatile material is an excellent fit for POP displays store fixtures signage lighting and decorative furnishings. Open up your imagination to the unlimited possibilities. Dec. 2016 PLEXIGLAS SYLK ACRYLIC SHEET Typical Properties1 Test Method Unit Plexiglas Sylk NA in 0.118 Physical Nominal Thickness for Data Unless Otherwise Noted Specific Gr

avity ASTM D792 NA 1.19 Rockwell Hardness ASTM D785 M Scale 86 Luminous Transmittance2 ASTM D1003 85 Haze23 ASTM D1003 100 Tensile Strength Maximum ASTM D638 psi 9300 Tensile Strength Yield ASTM D638 psi 9300 Tensile Elongation Yield ASTM D638 7.7 Tensile Modulus of Elasticity ASTM D638 psi 425000 Flexural Strength Maximum ASTM D790 psi 16500 Flexural Modulus of Elasticity ASTM D790 psi 415000 Izod Impact Notched ASTM D256 ft-lbsin 0.4 Charpy Impact Unnotched ASTM D6110 ft-lbsin 6.1 Deflection Temp Under Flexural Load 264 psi - unannealed2 ASTM D648 F 181 Deflection Temp Under Flexural Load 264 psi - annealed ASTM D648 F 203 Maximum Recommended Continuous Service Temperature NA F 170 - 190 Recommended Thermoforming Temperature NA F 275 - 350 Craze Resistance Class II IPA MIL-PRF-8184 psi 1250 Craze Resistance Class II Acetone MIL-PRF-8184 psi 380 Horizontal Burn Rate2 ASTM D635 in min 1.0 Smoke Density2 ASTM D2843 3.2 Self Ignition Temperature ASTM D1929 F 750 UL 94 NA HB Optical 24 Craze Resistance 5 Flammability Building Code Compliance 6 Plastics Component - QMFZ2.E39437 Flammability Classification Plastics Component - QMFZ2.E39437 Relative Thermal Index Standard Specification for PMMA Acrylic Plastic Sheet UL 746B F 194 ASTM D4802 NA Category B-1 Finish 2 Values reported are averages and should not be used for specification purposes. This property will change with thickness. The value given is for the thickness indicated in the column heading unless otherwise noted. Haze reading 30 reported for informational purposes. 4 Annealing Cycle 4 hrs 185F. 5 Conditioned for 2 hours 200F and then room temperature for 48 hours. 6 Flammability tests are small scale tests and may not be indicative of how materials will perform in an actual situation. 1 2 3 Please consult Arkemas disclaimer regarding the use of Arkemas products on httpwww.arkema.comenproductsproduct-safetydisclaimerindex.html See SDS for Health Safety Considerations. Altuglas and Plexiglas are reg

istered trademarks of Arkema. UL is a registered trademark of UL LLC. 2016 Arkema Inc. All rights reserved. NA-Marcom - ROC PPC 2000 - 12-2016 Thermal Altuglas International SAS - A French socit anonyme registered in the Nanterre France Trade and Companies Register under the number 388 432 171 Mechanical