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Extruded Nylon

Extruded Nylon

Because of its physical properties and reasonable cost, nylon is one of the most common general-purpose products in the engineering plastics family. Nylon’s toughness, resistance to wear and tensile strength make it ideal for a wide variety of machined parts. Nylon is also light in weight - 1/7th the weight of bronze. Nylon also exhibits a low coefficient of friction and it is chemically and thermally resistant.

This versatile combination of properties makes extruded nylon a preferred material in self-lubricating or slide-type applications. Excellent machinability makes this product a great solution for a variety of applications in the automotive, food processing, fluid handling, electronics, and mining industries. Nylon 101 is FDA, USDA, NSF and 3-A Dairy compliant.

Extruded nylon is available from Piedmont Plastics in nylon 6/6 rod and sheet in a natural light tan color. The most common size range for extruded nylon 6/6 is .125″ – 4.0″ diameter rod, and .125″ – 4.0″ thick sheet.

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