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Boom Trucks and Outrigger Pads

Piedmont Plastics supplies UHMW and nylon plastic material in sheet, rod, and tube for boom truck and outrigger pads used in construction for heavy payloads.


With safety being a key factor in most construction environments, outrigger pads prevent crane and boom truck outriggers from slipping and sinking on unstable surfaces such as dirt or mud. Depending on the application, either UHMW or Nylon plastic material is used to manufacture outrigger pads. These two materials vary slightly in characteristic, but are both light in weight, perform well under heavy payloads, operate at temperatures in excess of 200°F, and have a low coefficient of friction with excellent impact strength.

There are a variety of sheet, rod, and tube options for both UHMW and Nylon products available in a selection of thickness, diameter, and colors. Piedmont Plastics is the premier supplier of plastic material with over 40 locations across North America and an experienced sales staff available to find the solutions to meet your unique application needs.