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Röchling SUSTAMID® 66

Technical data sheet SUSTAMID 66 Extruded Nylon ASTM Test method Unit Value Specific Gravity D792 gcm3 1.14 Water Absorption 24 hours D570 1 Water Absorption Saturation D570 8.5 Dissipation Factor D150 1 MHz 0.02 Hardness D785 Shore D D80 Rockwell Hardness D785 M M85 Rockwell Hardness D785 R R121 Tensile Strength at yield 73 F D638 psi 12000 Tensile Modulus D638 psi 400000 Elongation at Break D638 40 Flexural Strength D790 psi 15000 Flexural Modulus D790 psi 420000 Compressive Strength D695 psi 12500 Shear Strength D732 psi 10000 Izod Impact Notched D256 ft-lbin 0.6 Coefficient of Friction Dynamic - - 0.25 CTE linear D696 ininF 4.5x10-5 Melting Point D3418 F 500 Continuous Use - F 220 Thermal Conductivity - inhrft2F 1.7 Deflection Temperature at 1.8Mpa 66psi D648 F 390 Deflection Temperature at 1.8Mpa 264psi D648 F 195 Flammability UL94 - inch HB Dielectric constant D150 - 3.8 Surface resistivity D257 Ohmcm 1013 Dielectric strength D149 Vmil 350 - - Yes Physical Properties Mechanical Properties Thermal properties Electrical properties Compliance Properties FDA The data stated above are average values ascertained by statistical tests on a regular basis. The data above are provided purely for information and shall not be regarded as binding unless expressly agreed in a contract of sale. Rchling Engineering Plastics 903 Gastonia Technology Parkway Dallas NC 28034 USA - Tel.704 922 7814 Status April 19 2016