Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

Equipment used in the oil and gas exploration and production industry must be able to withstand the harsh conditions found in oilfields, offshore drilling rigs, and petrochemical processing plants. Mechanical and engineered plastics are used to manufacture parts and components such as seals, connectors, bearings, structural components, and protective equipment. These high performance plastic materials result in equipment component solutions that provide long life, low maintenance, and significant cost savings.

When high pressures, high temperatures, abrasive fluids, and saltwater combine, plastics are ideally suited for the challenge. Proper material selection can give long life under conditions that destroy most metals. When cost, downtime, and rig personnel safety are critical, plastics are often the best choice for oil and gas drilling applications. And, because of their advanced properties, composites are used in downhole equipment bearings, seals, connectors, and insulators.

Piedmont Plastics supplies a wide range of engineering thermoplastics used in petrochemical refining, oil and gas exploration, oil refining, fracking, pumping and sub-sea systems, LNG and LPG gas transfer. We provide high temperature, steam-resistant, and chemical resistant materials such as PEEK, which is suitable for valve seats, pump housings, lantern rings, gaskets, seals, and compressor seats.

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