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Heavy Equipment Glazing

Piedmont Plastics offers polycarbonate with abrasion resistant coating for heavy equipment windows, tractor windows, and mining vehicles.


Windows for heavy equipment such as logging trucks, mining vehicles, and tractors are under the constant threat of damage due to their continuous exposure to rough working environments. Glazing heavy equipment windows with tough polycarbonate materials creates a strong layer of extra protection against damage caused by rocks and other destructive debris.

Polycarbonate with abrasion resistant coating is the material of choice to replace heavy equipment windows. Laminated polycarbonate is also available for even higher risk areas. Both traditional polycarbonate and laminated polycarbonate materials are half the weight of glass and 20 times as strong and provide excellent abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, and long lasting weatherability UV protection. Polycarbonate glazing also helps reduce interior noise levels, transmits light exceptionally well, and doesn’t spall. It is available with anti-fog properties.

Piedmont Plastics stocks a wide range of products for every heavy equipment window replacement project and employs knowledgeable and experienced professionals that have access to specified products and can assist in choosing ideal materials for various applications.