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Heavy & Agricultural Equipment

Piedmont Plastics supplies plastic materials for heavy & agricultural equipment motors, bearings, bushings, gears, trailers, shafts, and hydraulic sleeves.


Heavy and agricultural equipment continues to evolve as the capabilities of these machines progress into new possibilities. As a result of this growth, manufacturers have long preferred using performance plastic materials in their machines thanks to the tremendous characteristics and versatility offered by engineered plastics. As the technology in this industry adapts, so too do the capabilities of plastic materials. Whether the plastic component will be used for construction, harvesting, hauling, or conveying, Piedmont Plastics is ready to provide solutions for your heavy and agricultural equipment applications.  

Our Material Selection for Heavy Equipment

At Piedmont Plastics, our inventory of industry-leading engineered plastic materials can be used to produce high-quality parts and components. The materials we provide offer unique benefits that effectively meet the demands of this industry. We supply a wide range of tough, durable, and long-lasting materials that can withstand use in agriculture, construction, maintenance, towing, snow or ice scraping, and so much more!

Many of our materials can be used in creating products ranging from bearings, bushings, gears, and wear pads to, truck bed liners, conveyor systems, heavy equipment glazing, and dump truck trailers. Furthermore, the use of plastics in parts like liners and other equipment reduces downtime and cleanup, and increases the operating efficiency of the equipment. In addition, track plates for tracked vehicles are often constructed using heavy-duty nylon for use in soft soils, and high strength transparent plastics are used in windows and roof plates.

Engineered plastic components are also used in motors and parts that require frictionless movement, such as shafts and hydraulic sleeves. Many of our plastic materials are capable of handling difficult substances such as asphalt, sludge, salt, and coal, without corroding, breaking, or cracking. Lastly, performance plastics can be used in operator cabs and interiors for areas such as sustainable window glazing, which provides operator protection, more viewing area, and enhanced visibility.

Best Plastic Materials for the Heavy Equipment Industry

Benefits of Using Engineered Plastics for Heavy Equipment and Machinery Applications

Heavy and agricultural equipment manufacturers prefer using plastic materials thanks to their wear, impact resistance, and high strength properties. This also includes their ability to withstand heat, chemicals, moisture, and corrosion, thus allowing them to perform better than comparable metal materials in extreme operating environments. The benefits of these materials lead to a variety of advantages that operators will see immediately, such as reduced downtime, lower fuel consumption, improved safety, noise reductions, and reductions in part lubrication.

In addition, using plastic materials allows heavy and agricultural equipment to perform better in almost any weather condition, and the durability of these products allows the equipment to take continual punishment without compromising the integrity of the machines.

Which Plastic Material is Right for Your Heavy Equipment Application? Contact Us Today!

At Piedmont Plastics, we have access to the industry’s best materials from high quality manufacturers. Our experts are ready to assist you with selecting the best material for your needs, in addition to troubleshooting any issues you currently have.

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