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Conveyor Systems

Piedmont Plastics carries UHMW, acetal, nylon, and other plastics for conveyor parts such as chute liners, chain conveyor flights, and belt scrapers.


Conveyor systems are used widely across countless industries. Many conveyor systems utilize high performance plastic parts and components to ensure the reliable and steady flow of materials during critical industrial processes.
UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) is often used in conveyor systems as it has a low coefficient of friction, minimal moisture absorption, and reduces or eliminates arching and bridging.

Acetal is another high performance plastic commonly found in conveyor systems. Acetal is easily machined and available in a broad range of grades with unique properties to address specific applications. For example, Acetal is used widely in food processing. Acetal’s natural lubricity and low coefficient of friction provide a very smooth and quiet rolling environment. Some grades of Acetal and UHMW are even metal and X-Ray detectable, which helps food processors reduce instances of post-packaging contamination as products pass through metal and X-Ray detection systems.

Nylon is also used in conveyor systems. Heavy-duty nylon belts are used on conveyors in the lumber and mining industries because they are very strong, as well as quiet and abrasion-resistant.

Plastic can be found in many more conveyor parts such as chute liners, chain conveyor flights, belt scrapers, conveyor skirting, vibratory feed liners, dragline buckets, paddles, and slider beds.

At Piedmont, we have the solution you need. Let our expert sales team help you select the best materials for your application based on your unique circumstances and environmental challenges.