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Chute, Hopper, Silo and Truck Bed Liners

Chute, Hopper, Silo and Truck Bed Liners

In the processing of bulk goods, equipment is often lined with a UHMW plastic material to promote the efficient flow of goods from one process or stage to the next. These liners for chutes, hoppers, silos, and industrial truck beds offer low friction and are abrasion and corrosion resistant, providing a long wear-life and reducing downtime in processing plants. They can be fastened to concrete, gunite, steel, and wood, making them both effective and versatile.

Quadrant Plastics’ TIVAR® 88 is the most commonly used product for this application, and is known for its low coefficient of friction, as well as UV-resistant and antistatic formulations. TIVAR® 88 also allows for shallower hopper wall angles without sacrificing processing time, and reduces the need for flow promotion devices and techniques.

With a depth of materials in stock in over 40 locations across North America, including TIVAR® 88, and expert knowledge on the best uses of this application, Piedmont Plastics can assist with stock sheet or finished parts and drawings for any project.

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