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Displays | Point of Sale

Piedmont Plastics is a distributor of impact resistant plastic parts for displays, kiosks, point of sale (POS displays), store fixtures, and more.


When it comes to attracting customers to new products and services, implementing effective displays often results in transactions. Our broad range of plastic products are suitable for applications ranging from temporary displays to contemporary store fixtures. Piedmont works with leading manufacturers to supply the latest materials to help you stay ahead of trends, even before they happen. From basic point of sale and advertising displays to sophisticated LED lighting solutions, plastics offer versatility that other materials cannot match.

Advantages of Plastics

Using performance plastics in retail displays can provide countless benefits for retail stores that require durable applications to withstand general use. These displays benefit tremendously from plastic designs, especially in highly trafficked point-of-purchase areas. As a result, we work with designers and fabricators to produce in-store solutions for the most demanding clients. Plastics are inherently impact resistant, which helps reduce breakage in retail environments and during transit. Our materials also often outperform other options in flammability and smoke density tests. In addition, if a business needs consistent designs and colors based on their brand standards for their displays, our materials offer an endless palette of textures, colors, and pattern options to convey key marketing and branding messages. With that being said, plastic displays are extremely customizable, and our close tolerance cutting and routing services, coupled with our vast inventory, ensures that our customers get the right product when they need it.

Material Selection

The versatility of performance plastics allows displays to be made from numerous materials. Some of the most popular materials found in displays include cast acrylic, extruded acrylic, PVC foam, LED lights, ACM, fluted polypropylene, PETG, polycarbonate, high impact polystyrene, and so many more! While each of these materials offers their own unique benefits, most of them carry similar characteristics such as superior clarity, durability, impact resistance, consistent colors, design versatility, lightweight properties, chemical resistance, easy fabrication, and a good surface for printing, painting, laminating, and vinyl lettering.

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