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Projection Screens

Piedmont Plastic offers acrylic sheet that works well for projection screens. Each of Piedmont’s 40 locations can cut-to-size its acrylic sheet to be transformed into durable projection screens.


Projection screens are used in schools, businesses, homes, airports, and in a variety of public spaces where the projection of images is required. They are either portable or permanently installed, and are becoming readily available in larger sizes.

Where traditional projection screens were made from glass, increased screen sizes have made acrylic a superior alternative, due to its lightweight and impact resistance. Acrylic is cut-to-size and then given a coating of proprietary pigments, resulting in a neutral, satin-like surface that allows for increased clarity of a projected image.

In addition to a large stock of acrylic products, Piedmont Plastics offers a strong network of suppliers, as well as expert salespeople in our more than 40 branches across North America. Tell us about your specific sheet size requirements. We are uniquely positioned to help you find a solution for your projection screen application.