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Composed of silicone or urethane materials, sealants are used to close small gaps between surfaces such as glass, wood, brick, varying types of stone, tile, and rigid plastic surfaces with an airtight seal. Sealants can be described as higher-strength, adhesive-derived or as low-strength putties, waxes, and caulks. Varying properties include weakness or strength as well as flexibility and rigidness. Sealants serve as a barrier against water, air, temperature, noise, dust, insects, and in some cases as a fire retardant. Sealants are classified by their physical form into three categories: one-component, two-component, and sealant tape.

Piedmont Plastics stocks one-component sealants in silicone and urethane with an array of curing abilities. Most varieties are available in 10.1 fluid ounce cartridges however some are available in larger quantities including 20 fl. oz. (600 mL) sausages, 4.5 gal. (17L) pails, 50 gal. (189L) drums. Colors range from clear, white, and black to a wide range of natural colors for home and office settings. Contact your local Piedmont branch to learn about sealant options available in your area.

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