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Piedmont Plastics is a distributor of plastic materials that can replace wood and metal for Recreation and Playground Equipment.


Piedmont plastics supplies a variety of performance plastic materials for use in recreational equipment. From kayaks to playgrounds and everything in between, performance plastics have quickly replaced traditional materials like wood and metal in these applications in an effort to improve safety and durability. With the help of our industry-leading materials, the recreational industry will see improvements across the board.  

Our Material Selection

Lightweight durable plastic composites are replacing steel, aluminum, and fiberboard in the manufacturing of recreational and playground equipment. Plastic materials are more durable, more cost-efficient, and can be molded and decorated for use in a wide range of recreational products. The versatility of plastics makes them an ideal solution for replacing metals and woods that rust, warp, and generally degrade over time. Powder coating and paint chipping issues can be eliminated with plastics, while providing an extensive color palette.

Plastics are used in a large variety of applications within the recreational industry, from exercise and sports equipment to outdoor products for hunting, fishing, skating, and boating. UV stability and ease of cleaning and fabrication make plastics a perfect choice for modular playground systems, ice rinks, skate parks, and more.

Plastics for Recreation


The versatility of performance plastics has proven their ability to provide countless benefits across many applications. The most common benefits of using performance plastics include their durability, scratch resistance, chemical resistance, and light weight. Many of these materials also come in multiples colors and can be easily shaped and formed into almost any piece of equipment. These materials are also resistant to mold, mildew, and other environmental factors that could cause damage. But best of all, many of these materials can be recycled.

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