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Piedmont Plastics stocks a range of chemical resistant and waterproof plastics for kayaks and other recreational products including polyethylene and ABS.


Both the marine and recreation industries realize the value of plastic in manufacturing strong, waterproof, buoyant, aesthetically pleasing products for sea or land. Piedmont Plastics carries a variety of quality thermoplastics that make the great outdoors even greater.

Versatile kayaks are used for sport and pleasure but also have fishing, diving, search and rescue, and other applications. Most kayak bodies, seats, and grab handles are made from a combination of plastics, including polyethylene because of its durable, flexible, waterproof, and chemical-resistant properties. Further, polyethylene can be repeatedly heated and cooled during the manufacturing process. Environmentally minded sports enthusiasts also enjoy the idea that some kayaks can be made from recycled plastics.

Piedmont supplies high-performing polyethylene and ABS sheet for kayaks and other recreational products.