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3A SINTRA® Foamed PVC Family

Foamed PVC FAMILY Sintra has been the industrys leading PVC board for more than 20 years. It is comprised of moderately expanded closed-cell polyvinyl chloride PVC in a homogenous sheet with a low-gloss matte finish. e-pvc is a low-density lighter and less rigid expanded PVC board. Why Choose Sintra Sintra Bright White is now the brightest and whitest PVC board on the market The trusted brand leader by which all others are measured Lightweight yet rigid and durable Ease of machinability Easily formed into just about any shape imaginable using wood and foam board fabrication techniques Heat formable and chemical resistant Superior dent and scratch resistance Why Choose e-pvc Economical PVC alternative for less-demanding applications Satin Finish Expanded Rigid Homogeneous PVC 7-2013 Gauges Colors Sizes Product Availability e-pvc 3mm 6mm 10mm 12.7mm Bright White Black 48 x 96 50 x 100 60 x 120 custom sizes available Sintra 1mm 2mm 3mm 6mm Bright White Black Gray Light Gray Dark Red Bright Yellow Dark Green Dark Blue Custom Colors From 1M 39.37 x 96 to 2M 79.92 x 120 custom sizes available Due to multiple product configurations please refer to the website for product availability in the desired thickness and size. GRAPHIC DISPLAY This product guide provides only general application information and is not intended to include all potential product uses. No express or implied warranties are contained herein. Fome-Cor Sintra Gator and Dibond are registered trademarks of 3A Composites USA Inc. FiberMate e-pvc and e-panel are trademarks of 3A Composites USA Inc. 3A Composites USA Inc. 2013. All Rights Reserved. 7-2013