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Hot Tubs / Spas

Piedmont Plastics stocks continuous cast acrylic sheet, ABS, and HMWPE for hot tub and spa part and hot tub liners, as well as silicone sealants


Hot tubs and spas provide a number of benefits - relaxation, massage, entertainment, therapy, and pain relief. All centered around the chance to disconnect, unwind, and emerge invigorated. As the design of hot tubs and spas becomes more and more customized, plastics are playing an ever-increasing role.

A variety of plastics materials are involved in the production of hot tubs. Continuous Cast Acrylic Sheet, ABS, and HMWPE (High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) can all be used in the production of the spa body or frame. Continuous Cast Acrylic Sheet and ABS have unique properties that allow for deep draws in the thermoforming process, perfect for this application. HMWPE creates a superior liner for the bottom of the spa frame, making the hot tub watertight and separating the tub from the effects of chemicals and water. Fluted Polypropylene, aka Coroplast, is often used as a protective packaging layer to protect the spa in transit. Silicone sealants are also used by many leading spa manufacturers to seal jets and various connections to prevent leaks.

Piedmont Plastics works with a number of leading hot tub and spa manufacturers throughout North America, providing expert solutions for their applications, as well as offering local inventory that ensures fast, precise and reliable service.