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How Engineered Plastics Are Revolutionizing Industrial Markets

With the help of recent advancements in technology, the industrial sector has found ways to continually improve their operations. One of the largest contributors to this success is the installation of engineered plastic parts and components. With the help of these plastic materials, those who operate in industrial related work environments have seen tremendous benefits once these parts are implemented. From improved performance to reduced injuries, engineered plastics can help revolutionize industrial facilities and heavy machinery in a variety of ways.

Benefits of Plastics

By installing engineered plastics into their machinery, engineers, fabricators, and manufacturers will see improvements almost instantly. Some of the advantages of using these plastics include improved safety, reduced downtime, cost benefits, and noise reductions to name a few.

With regards to improved safety, the reductions in injuries as a result of installing engineered plastics into industrial applications should be reason enough to begin implementing them. While plastic safety equipment like hardhats probably come to mind, the effectiveness of engineered plastics can go much further. One of the most widely used safety measures in industrial settings is the installation of machine guards. These guards are typically made from clear materials like acrylic or polycarbonate, and they are designed to protect operators from projectile hazards. Another way plastics can improve safety is through x-ray and visual detection for food processing applications. It is so much easier for x-rays to detect fragments of plastics as compared to metals, and it is also easier for employees to identify brightly colored materials. In addition, many plastics are antimicrobial, so for industries that require extreme cleanliness, plastics can help reduce contaminations.

Believe it or not, spending money now to replace outdated metal parts with newer engineered plastics can save industrial facilities a significant amount of money. The primary source of these cost savings comes from reductions in downtime. Many plastics were designed to be self-lubricating, corrosion resistant, and operate in high temperature ranges, all of which help eliminate the need for frequent replacements. In addition, the lightweight design of these materials leads to lower wear on components and systems, and it also helps with the cost of operations through lower energy requirements.

Material Selection

Thanks to our extensive branch network of over 50 locations throughout North America, Piedmont Plastics stands ready to deliver the materials you need fast. We offer numerous industrial materials, including UHMW, HDPE, acetal, nylon, and more! Each of these materials offers their own unique benefits including the advantages listed above. If you’d like to learn more about each material and how they can be used to help improve your industrial operations, reach out to an expert today.  

Industrial Applications

Our engineered plastics can be machined in countless industrial applications. One of the largest benefits of these materials is their ability to outperform traditional products like metals. Some of our most common industrial applications include:

Fabrication Support

Most of our engineered plastic materials can be fabricated to meet the exact specifications of the customer. With over 50 locations throughout North America, we can support our customers with the fabrication process every step of the way. We stock these materials in a variety of custom shapes and sizes, and our industrial market specialists are ready to provide the necessary solutions.

Contact Our Industrial Specialists

At Piedmont, we took a broad stroke in providing the best materials for the industrial market. In order to best serve these customers, we’ve established a team of dedicated specialists who are trained to answer even the most difficult questions. If you’d like to learn more about our materials, you can contact us on our website by submitting a general inquiry, and one of our industrial specialists will happily answer any questions you have.