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Machine Guards

Piedmont Plastics carries polycarbonate, PETG, acrylic, and clear PVC for machine guards designed to protect employee operators in manufacturing plants.


Machine guards are common in all types of production and manufacturing environments. They are designed to protect employee operators from potential impacts of ejected material or broken tooling and also to protect the product from contamination during production processes. Machine Guards are most commonly made from Polycarbonate, PETG, Acrylic or Clear PVC.

The close tolerance machinability, transparency and sheer toughness of Polycarbonate make it the ideal material for machine guards. Polycarbonate is available in both general purpose and FDA grades when food contact is a concern. Polycarbonate is also inherently self-extinguishing and can carry a V-0 flame test rating. PETG guards can also be FDA approved and when chemical resistance is a priority, clear PVC is a better choice.

Clear is the dominant color used in machine guards because of optical characteristics. All of the materials listed above are also available in varying grades of smoke/grey/bronze shades if that is desired. Piedmont Plastics carries deep stock in all of these materials and we field calls on a daily basis for this application. Let us help you solve your machine guard challenges.