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The Bay Area and Northern California

Piedmont Plastics San Francisco: Your Premier Supplier for Performance Plastic Materials

Based in Union City, California, Piedmont Plastics San Francisco is a leading supplier of high-quality performance plastic materials across the Bay Area and northern California. Specializing in the distribution of a wide range of plastic products such as plastic sheet, rod, tube, and film, our location enables efficient service to diverse industries across the state, ensuring we cater to each customer's specific requirements.

Local Wholesale Distributor of Plastic Materials in the Bay Area

Piedmont Plastics operates as a wholesale distributor of performance plastic materials, offering an extensive selection of products tailored to various markets. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction distinguishes us as a trusted supplier in "NorCal" and beyond.

Our facility in Union City strategically stocks top-quality materials sourced from leading global brands so that our customers can always receive the best products.

At Piedmont Plastics, our team of experts is dedicated to delivering personalized service and technical support, and can even assist you with finding the best product for your application. We recognize the unique challenges of every industry and collaborate closely with our clients to provide solutions that optimize performance and efficiency.

Industries We Serve

Partnering with Piedmont Plastics goes beyond granting you access to our exceptional services; our customers benefit from a vast network of Piedmont Plastics locations that share inventory, ensuring the materials they order are always available.

We cater to a diverse range of industries, including the industrial, marine, and sign and graphics markets, delivering customized solutions that will help meet industry specifications.

Moreover, Piedmont Plastics is proud of our market specialists who possess extensive knowledge across various sectors. Whether you require materials for signage, industrial components, or other applications, our experts are dedicated to helping you find the right materials for your specific applications.

Value-Added Services

Customized Plastic Materials

Piedmont Plastics San Francisco is dedicated to delivering specialized services that are tailored to meet our customers' unique needs. Our warehouse is equipped with a CNC panel saw, 3-axis router, and CNC upcut rod saw that are ready to handle your specific requests with precision and efficiency.

  • Custom Cut Plastic

    Precision plastic-cutting services to provide the exact dimensions you require.

  • Plastic Fabrication and Service

    Share your detailed specifications with us, and we'll assist in finding the best solution for you.

An Expert is just around the corner.

With over 100 years of combined product knowledge and industry experience, we are confident our plastics experts can help you find a solution for your application.

Plastic Recycling Program In San Francisco, California

Piedmont Plastics offers an innovative recycling program tailored for clients seeking to reduce their environmental impact and achieve sustainability objectives. Many of our products are recyclable, including those made from recycled content, and encourage the return of qualifying materials. By partnering with us, customers can expect reduced waste disposal costs, minimized landfill use, and support for environmental responsibility.

Benefits of the Piedmont Plastics Recycling Program:

  • Cost savings from reduced landfill contributions

  • Enhanced workplace cleanliness and organization

  • Lowered carbon footprint for your company

  • Improved efficiency in sorting plastic scrap

Location and Directions to Piedmont Plastics San Francisco

Piedmont Plastics San Francisco is conveniently located approximately 35 miles southeast of San Francisco, 19 miles south of Oakland, and 20 miles north of San Jose. Our San Francisco branch provides plastic materials for the entire northern California territory and is settled in the heart of Alameda County, California.

Our facility can be easily accessed via truck or van from Nimitz Freeway (I-880) and Alvarado-Niles Road. Come visit our San Francisco branch today!

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