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Film Solutions

In addition to supplying sheet, rod, and tube products, Piedmont Plastics distributes industry-leading film solutions across our more than 50 branch locations in North America.

For over 50 years, Piedmont Plastics has provided high-quality products and services to every major market and industry. Thanks to our experienced local sales teams and dedicated specialists, our commitment to delivering unrivaled product variety and quality is instrumental in delivering effective solutions to our customers.  

Our Key Products

At Piedmont, we are proud to offer an extensive inventory of film products and our team of specialists is ready to assist with material selection and customization. Whether you are already familiar with film materials or need help finding the right product, our experts will identify the best solution for your application.

Polycarbonate Film

Polycarbonate film is known to be highly impact-resistant, scratch-resistant, optically clear, hard-coated, and flame-retardant. It is ideally suited for applications such as membrane switches, cluster panels, nameplates, face shields, decals, and more.

Floor Film

Floor Film is available in a variety of temporary and long-term use materials. It can be placed on indoor and outdoor floors and placed on a number of different surfaces. Floor film is available in slip and scratch-resistant options and offered in a variety of adhesive grades. Our industry-leading floor film products include brands such as Floor Appeal, Alumigraphics, and VersaGraphics 360.

Overlaminate and Adhesive Films

Overlaminate and Adhesive Films are primarily used in printed applications for mounting, laminating, and encapsulating. These films are applied to the top or front side of an image or product to provide protection from abrasion, moisture, and other potentially damaging effects in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Polyester Film

Polyester Film exhibits good chemical resistance, is tough, durable, and has great dimensional stability. PET film can be die cut or laser cut, and some specific PET film is also FDA approved. Some common applications include cluster panels, ID tags, membrane switches, nameplates, faceshields, and more.

Polyethylene Film

Polyethylene Film exhibits great tape adhesion, lightweight durability, and is resistant to water, rot, wrinkles, and chemicals. Because of these characteristics, PE film is commonly used as a protective barrier application for renovations, pest control, agricultural coverings, and others.

Rigid Vinyl Film (PVC)

Rigid Vinyl Film, also known as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), comes in rigid and flexible forms. It is a thermoplastic polymer known for its excellent flame retardance, strength, and impact resistance, making it the perfect solutions for construction, packaging, signage, and bank cards.

Film Conversion

With two ISO 9001:2015 certified film conversion facilities, Piedmont also specializes in converting and distributing plastic film based on your exact specifications and requirements. We are proud to provide a full array of film conversion services to our customers, including:

Precision Guillotine Cutting

Converting process whereby sheets of film are precision square-cut to varying lengths and widths.


A process whereby thin tissue paper is placed between sheets of clear plastic film to prevent scratching.


A process of adhering a pre-mask or adhesive to a substrate.


The process of protecting a surface from contamination or scratching.


Winding down master rolls to custom roll sizes.


A converting process whereby a wide format roll of film is cut to varying lengths.


A converting process whereby a wide format roll of film is slit or converted to varying widths and lengths.


Attaching a sheet of white offset paper to one side of the plastic sheet along one edge using a thin line of aqueous-based adhesive.