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Marine Solutions

Marine products have been at the core of Piedmont's product offering since 1985 and we're proud to offer our customers one of the largest inventories of marine-grade plastics in North America.

Piedmont Plastics has strategically selected several dedicated marine branches to service the industry with one to two-day product delivery, coupled with several long-tenured Marine Specialists who are dedicated to finding the right solutions for our customers. Even more, Piedmont is constantly partnering with numerous boat manufacturers, associations, engineers, and designers to develop products that enhance the quality and cost-effectiveness of those we serve in the marine industry

What Piedmont Offers

Our Key Products and Applications:

At Piedmont Plastics, we are proud of the commitment we made to the marine market. Thanks to the recent industry focus on wood-free construction, lightweight plastic alternatives have proliferated tremendously. Our dedication to the marine industry is evident through our extensive product selection and exclusive Piedmont Marine Grade® (PMG®) line of products. Our materials excel in applications from boat windshields and enclosures to upholstery and tackle centers just to name a few. In addition, environmentally "green" efforts have led us to offer some outstanding environmentally friendly options for our customers. With the help of our marine market experts, we can provide you with the solutions you need to build quality vessels that last.

PMG® Acrylics

Our exclusive line of PMG® products are specifically designed and manufactured for the marine environment. Our PMG® Acrylics were created to meet the needs and desires of the fabricator and OEM’s. Our PMG® Acrylic line includes PMG® Heat Reflective (HR), PMG® Solar Block (SB), PMG® Acrylic Mirror, PMG® Ultra, and PMG® Plus. These products offer a variety of benefits such as UV blocking, superior optical clarity, ease of fabrication, abrasion resistance and more!

PMG® Aqua-Plas®

Our PMG® Aqua-Plas products are made using a variety of marine grade materials like PVC foam, recycled HDPE, recycled ABS, recycled PVC and phenolics. Our product line includes AP® I Ultra, AP® II, AP® III Ultra LG, AP® IV, AP® V, AP® Flex, Aqua-Steel®, and Endurabond™. These products offer benefits such as superior formability, lightweight designs, excellent staple and screw retention, tremendous impact strength, and cost competitiveness compared to alternative materials.

King StarBoard®

King StarBoard® is the original marine-grade polymer sheet and industry standard. Thanks to our longstanding partnership with King Plastics, we supply a complete line of these premium polymers to satisfy your needs. Some of these products include King StarBoard®, King StarBoard® AS, King StarBoard ST, King StarBoard® XL, and King StarLite® XL. These sheets are available in multiple colors, and are made to be UV stabilized, virtually maintenance free, and resist all harsh weather conditions.

Marine Enclosures

Piedmont Plastics is proud to offer a one-stop shopping experience for all your semi-rigid and soft marine enclosure window needs. Our products are ideal for any climate thanks to their ability to remain stable and retain their shape during temperature fluctuations. These products can help boat enclosures withstand the harshest environments and provide unparalleled sightlines and a stunning look for years.

PMG® AquaGlas®

Our PMG® AquaGlas® material is an impact modified acrylic sheet specifically manufactured for the semi-rigid marine enclosure market. This product offers exceptional clarity, dimensional stability, and superior weathering performance.

TUFFAK® Polycarbonate Sheet

TUFFAK® is a polycarbonate sheet that can provide clear, unobstructed views for marine enclosures. We currently stock three TUFFAK® marine enclosure materials, including TUFFAK® Marine 5, TUFFAK® AR, and TUFFAK® VR. The benefits of these products include high optical clarity, impact resistance, exceptional durability, chemical resistance, scratch resistance, UV technology, long-lasting weather performance, and so much more.

Marine Accessories and Services

With over 30 years of experience working with marine products and applications, our team of dedicated specialists are prepared to provide valuable solutions for every customer. We can also provide our customers with accessories like ASI® adhesives, LMT Onsrud Super-O router bits, protective masking, polishes, cleaners, and cut-to-size services. No matter the request, our team is ready to make solutions take shape.