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Industrial Solutions

With over 50 branch locations across North America, Piedmont Plastics is proud to provide industry-leading solutions for all major industrial markets.

Thanks to our experienced local sales teams and dedicated industrial market specialists, we offer knowledge-driven solutions for a wide-range of applications. Our commitment to delivering unrivaled product variety and quality is key to the success of our customers and we are pleased to offer our industry expertise to add value to your daily operations.

What Piedmont Offers

Engineering, Design, and Manufacturing Assistance

At Piedmont Plastics, we offer an extensive inventory of industrial plastics that are manufactured to withstand applications in a variety of environments. Our team of specialists is ready to assist with the material selection and design processes and offer advice to those looking to improve their existing manufacturing systems and operations. We maintain the best material selection support in the industry. From optimized stock shape to finished part recommendations, we are ready to find the best product for any application. Some of our support services include:

  • Providing custom shape and near net capabilities

  • Assisting with matching the right materials to applications based on their performance requirements, total cost of acquisition, and long-term operating costs

  • Offering design support and highly flexible material options

  • Showcasing broad stock shape availability for cost effective manufacturability

  • Providing broad material availability, including engineered thermoplastics, thermosets, composites, and elastomers

  • In-house fabrication and finished part capabilities

Furthermore, our standard and customizable plastic materials can be matched to component and system requirements, meet various regulatory compliance, and eliminate the need for secondary processes.

System Performance Improvement

Performance plastic materials are quickly replacing traditional metal parts within industrial applications thanks to the numerous improvements that engineered plastics provide. These plastics are proven to last longer, perform better, and decrease down time and maintenance costs. For example:

  • The inherent lubricity of engineered plastics reduces the need for lubricants and prevents equipment from shutting down.

  • The inherent lubricity of engineered plastics reduces the need for lubricants and prevents equipment from shutting down.

  • The low-friction, self-lubricating, and high-performance characteristics of these plastics help increase the speed and output of systems.

  • Engineered plastics are lightweight compared to metals, leading to lower wear on components and systems.

  • Cost of production will shrink because of lower energy requirements and reduced packaging and shipping costs.

  • Engineered plastics can be highly effective for electrically active or insulative components.

  • The corrosion resistance of engineered plastics leads to more efficient operations in harsh environments across wide temperature ranges.

Fabrication and Solution Support

With a network of over 50 locations in North America, we are proud to offer fabrication support for our valued customers. We offer stock and custom shapes and sizes for all industrial products. This allows us to provide customers with the finished parts they need now for their applications. Furthermore, if you are experiencing any issues with your existing parts, or want to learn more about alternative materials, our industrial market specialists are ready to provide custom solutions.

Our Extensive Property and Engineering Data

We represent the premier manufacturers in the industry, and through their partnerships, we provide our customers with the most up-to-date and technical engineering data. If you have questions about how our products can serve you, contact us today to speak with an industrial market specialist!