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PVC Tubing

PVC Tubing

Industrial PVC (polyvinyl-chloride) is a synthetic plastic polymer that comes in two basic forms: rigid and flexible. Rigid PVC is often used in the construction industry for piping, door trim, columns and window trim whereas flexible PVC is used in applications such as tubing, die-cut parts, industrial curtains and spacer stock. PVC is offered in three different grades, Type I, II and CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl-chloride) with Type II and CPVC most often used in tubing due to its heat, chemical, and impact resistance.

PVC tubing products are used in common applications including food processing, small engine fuel lines, document processing, and water testing. Flexible PVC tube creates a critical connection in these applications. Without properly functioning tubing, operations fail, systems compromise, and brand assurance erodes.

Piedmont Plastics stocks a broad range of flexible tubing products to meet any application needs, including resistance to chemicals, temperature fluctuations, regulatory compliance for food and beverage applications, and long service life. Industrial PVC tubing is available in a variety of sizes, formulations and colors for your unique application.

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