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Best Applications For UHMW Sheet

Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene, or UHMW, is a thermoplastic with a high abrasion resistance and excellent waterproof capabilities that make it a favorite material in several industries. Available in sheet, rod and tube formats, as well as a variety of profiles, to fit many needs. This tough, durable material also works well in applications where a low coefficient of friction is needed, making it quite versatile. Here are some of the top applications where UHMW is commonly found.

Food Service Cabinetry

In food service, materials need to be easy to sanitize, and UHMW with its corrosion resistance is quite easy to clean. It works well in the creation of food service cabinets and provides a smooth surface that will stand up under years of abuse. It comes in a variety of finishes to match most applications as well.

Docks and Dock Fenders

Because of its high molecular weight, UHMW is resistant to moisture. This means it can easily be used in the building of docks or in adding dock fenders to existing wood docks. It's also abrasion resistant, so it will not be damaged when watercraft bumps against it while docking. With UHMW, you can breathe new life into your docks and ensure many years of effective use.

Boom Trucks and Outrigger Pads

Outrigger pads keep cranes and boom trucks from slipping on unstable construction surfaces. UHMW, because of its low coefficient of friction and high impact strength, works well for these applications. This material can withstand temperatures over 200 degrees, which means even the hottest work on construction jobs will not cause the pads to slip or fail. The lightweight nature of UHMW makes the outrigger pads easy to move from place to place as well.

Conveyor Systems

Bottles are easily damaged in the process of filling them with beverages and food. Companies rely on plastic sheet to make the conveyor systems that protect those bottles. Because it can handle high temperatures, repeated stress, and exposure to chemicals, UHMW is an excellent material of choice for creating the conveyor systems that keep bottling lines up and running.

In addition, UHMW is often used to create star wheels for conveyor systems. These star wheels help transport and orient products and materials through the line. You may also find UHMW as the wear strips and other components on material handling conveyor systems. Again, the impact resistance allow these to work for a long time while reducing wear and tear on the more critical components of the system.

Piedmont Plastics carries an extensive inventory of UHMW across its 45+ locations. Contact your local sales representative for help finding the right UHMW material for your needs today.