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Best Applications For Acrylic Mirrors

The modern age is a terrible time to be a vampire.


Because mirrors seem to be everywhere. They’re in multiple rooms within our homes and any business that sells clothes, hats, sunglasses, or makeup. Mirrors show up in hotels, elevators, and airport concourses. They’re in cars, telescopes, cameras, and road intersections.

But traditional mirrors, often made from glass, degrade, crack, or break. In addition, they can be expensive to replace.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. There are many applications in which traditional mirrors can be replaced with new acrylic mirrors. There are even situations—such as those requiring image distortion— where acrylic mirrors are the best solution.

Advantages of Acrylic Mirrors

At Piedmont Plastics, our mirrored acrylic is among the most popular products we offer. It’s impact-resistant, lightweight, and cost-effective. Here, we discuss the many uses of acrylic mirrors and some of the best reasons for using acrylic mirrors for your manufacturing product.

Light Weight

Compared to glass and polished metals, acrylic is considerably lightweight. With acrylic weighing less than half that of glass, it costs less to transport and is simpler to install. One person can easily lift large sheets, and a full sheet can be quickly mounted with screws or proper adhesive. There is no need for extra-reinforced mounts or braces. And no worries about what happens if you drop it.

Impact Resistance

Despite their light weight, acrylic sheet is well-known as strong, flexible material with highly dependable impact resistance. Because glass can crack and shatter, acrylic mirrors make an ideal replacement material Ideal for traditional glass ones. For scientific use, its resistance to cracking makes it more dependable for research or high-stress manufacturing. In addition, because acrylic mirrors don’t break into hundreds of razor-sharp shards, acrylic mirrors can be found anywhere safety matters, such as schools, hospitals, prisons, mass transportation, and others.

Low Cost

The lower costs associated with acrylic mirrors come from a few different angles. As mentioned, acrylic’s light weight means it costs less to ship and install. Because it is durable and long-lasting, acrylic does not need to be replaced as often as glass, which can save many unnecessary replacement expenses. Thanks to its light weight and longevity, acrylic proves to be a very low-cost material.

Another cost consideration is that acrylic is relatively inexpensive to purchase. It can be cleaned easily with water, a soft cloth, and a little household detergent. You won’t need to deal with harsh chemicals and scourers. Acrylic is also simple to maintain in case of scratches. All one would need to restore the shine to a sheet of mirrored acrylic would be some plastic polishing paste and a buffing wheel.

Are There Things To Consider Before Using Acrylic Mirrors?

When compared head-to-head with glass, acrylic there are some things to think about before opting to use acrylic mirror. For example, acrylic will scratch more easily than glass, and glass can be more rigid. These are essential considerations for some precision applications.

While scratches in acrylic mirrors can be buffed out, this may not be sufficient in some cases. Still, acrylic retakes the lead regarding cost, safety, and ease of replacement.

For most uses, acrylic mirrors still maintain a lead compared to traditional glass.

Popular Uses for Acrylic Mirrors

There are many situations where acrylic mirrors come in handy and have a distinct advantage over glass. Its durability and impact resistance makes it valuable for outdoor use in high-traffic areas, and safety is an issue anywhere. In addition, the flexible nature of acrylic mirrors is practical where curved or bent mirrors are needed—whether in a practical or a decorative application. And, of course, it’s easy to cut to size, transport, install, and maintain.

That’s why acrylic mirrors show up in a myriad of places, including:

  • Plastic displays
  • Plastic signs and lettering
  • Shower mirrors
  • Locker and dressing room mirrors
  • Dance studio mirrors
  • Supermarket aisle mirrors
  • Road intersection mirrors
  • Boats and RVs
  • Casinos
  • Telescopes
  • Two-way mirrors used in security settings
  • Scientific instruments
  • Medical instruments
  • Dental utensils
  • Decorative profiles
  • Costume jewelry

The many uses of acrylic mirrors go on—from scientific fields such as astronomy or physics—to more light-hearted services such as funhouse mirrors and disco balls.

Acrylic Mirror Sheet at Piedmont Plastics

Acrylic mirror sheet from Piedmont Plastics is available in two-way mirror form and comes in various colors, patterns, and grades. Our branches provide cut-to-size services for most materials if you need something special. If you have any questions, our materials experts are standing by to help.

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