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ECO-Digital Sheet

Piedmont Plastics carries Hexacomb's eco-digital sheets for graphic displays, including Falconboard Print, Falconboard Build, and Falconboard Mount.

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Falconboard® is an eco-digital sheet graphic display product from Hexacomb®, a Packaging Corporation of America brand. Falconboard®’s 100% paper-based construction and global production capability make it an ideal solution for rigid board needs wherever your business is located. Falconboard® is heat resistant to 300° Fahrenheit and maintains excellent beam and compression strength versus traditional foam material. Falconboard®’s unique corrugated sheet can handle the most demanding of graphic display applications due to its superior rigidity and dimensional stability. This enables printing directly onto the structure compared to most other display board configurations where you have to print first and then mount onto a rigid substrate.

Falconboard® is available in three grades, Falconboard® Print, Falconboard® Build, and Falconboard® Mount. Falconboard® Print is suitable for a variety of wide formats and digital processes where foam boards are traditionally used. Falconboard® Build is recommended for short-term to semi-permanent interior point of purchase applications as a replacement for traditional wood or foam materials. Falconboard® Mount is ideal for applications that do not involve direct print.

Piedmont's versatile, 100% recyclable eco-digital sheet products can be used for many different applications. We stock a wide array of sizes and finishes to meet the needs of your particular project, and we look forward to helping you select the perfect solution.

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