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Piedmont Plastics is a distributor of plastics for electrical components including wiring, cabling, sleeving, circuit boards, and electrical shielding.


Plastic materials are ideal for use in numerous electrical and electronic applications. When compared to other materials, plastics are far superior thanks to their ability to help improve safety, provide insulation, and so much more. Performance plastics are even known to outperform alternative materials like metal. No matter the application, Piedmont Plastics can provide you with the best materials for improving your electrical applications.

Our Material Selection

At Piedmont, we supply some of the best materials in the market. Thanks to the relationship we have with our supplier partners, we provide high quality products from the most well-known brands in the industry. Our extensive inventory allows you to choose from a broad range of materials. Our plastics can be incorporated into a variety of applications, which can also be used for both indoor and outdoor use. In addition, the strength and durability of these plastics allows them to be installed in hazardous and non-hazardous environments.  

Common Plastics for Electrical Applications

Benefits of Performance Plastics

Performance plastics provide countless benefits in situations where electrical applications are needed. These materials can withstand high voltages and high temperatures without degradation whereas alternative materials might experience failure. Many of our materials offer superior insulating properties while others are available in surface or volume conductive and dissipative formulations. Plastics exhibit dielectric strength, high insulation and thermal performance, and corrosion, water, and heat resistance. These qualities make them ideal for safe, high performance electrical components. Composite materials combine properties to make electrical components with superior mechanical strength, high dielectric constants, and other important characteristics. Because of these benefits, the electrical and insulation properties of plastic make it a popular material for wiring, cabling, sleeving, and electrical shielding products. These materials can also be used to produce electrical enclosures, printed circuit boards, and so much more!

Our team of experts is ready to help identify the best solutions for you. Additionally, we have a team of dedicated industrial market specialists who are trained to work with customers in industrial and manufacturing environments. Contact us today to learn more about our performance plastic solutions!

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