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Piedmont provides thermoplastics for the aerospace industry, meeting demands for fume toxicity, lot/batch traceability, aircraft interiors and propulsion systems


Developments in engineered plastics and composites continue to revolutionize the aerospace industry by expanding the design freedom for engineers in civilian, military, and space aircraft. High-performance engineered plastics provide the perfect solutions for the aerospace industry due to the countless benefits associated with the materials. If you need materials that can handle the rigorous demands of aerospace applications, then Piedmont has solutions for you.

Our Material Selection for the Aerospace Industry

At Piedmont Plastics, our diverse portfolio of thermoplastics and high-performance materials meets and exceeds the requirements of the aerospace industry. By replacing traditional metal components with engineered plastics, applications within aerospace manufacturing continue to operate smoothly and often see improvements in performance.

By working with leading aerospace companies, our team of plastics experts has developed a solid understanding of which materials work best in every application. As a result, these same companies continue to trust Piedmont as their source for industry solutions that can keep their passengers safe while also maintaining the protection of vital electronics and components.

Our materials have proven to be successful when put to the test. For even the most demanding aviation applications, engineered plastics have maintained their high performance. If you need airplane plastics, we have you covered. Our materials can be used to manufacture aircraft plastic parts and can be used in applications like luggage storage bins, cabin interiors, instrument panels, windows, windshields, bearings and bushings, and more!

Best Plastic Materials for Aviation

Benefits of Using Engineered Plastics in Aerospace Applications

Plastic materials have several advantages when compared to the performance of the metals used by the aerospace industry. Recent advancements in plastics and composites have contributed to improvements in weight reduction, fuel efficiency, strength, and functionality while meeting flame and smoke requirements for aircraft materials. Some plastics are even ten times lighter than metals, thus extending the range of the aircraft. Our materials also help meet the demands of fume toxicity, lot/batch traceability, and aircraft interior and propulsion systems.

In addition, our high-performance engineered plastics can handle wide temperature swings, resist chemicals or fuels, and are impact and abrasion-resistant. Their design versatility also allows them to be used in many interior applications with a variety of textures and colors available. Our materials also have electrical insulating properties, provide solid performance in bearing and wear situations, and our clear materials provide exceptional transparency.

Need Materials for Aviation Parts? Contact Us Today!

At Piedmont Plastics, our plastics experts are ready to provide solutions for your aerospace applications. Contact us today, and we’ll connect you with a member of our sales team!

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