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How Plastics Are Improving Food Truck Designs

Food trucks are becoming a staple among the food scene in most major cities. In fact, many foodies know that the food truck is the best place to go to get the most unique bites in a city, with specialty flavors and eclectic food fusions housed in a small package.

For those who design and manufacture food trucks, finding the latest innovations in design is important. Plastics are making changes in the industry to help improve the design, function and look of food trucks, and Piedmont Plastics is at the forefront, connecting manufacturers with the products they need to improve their designs. Here’s a closer look at some of our most popular products for food trucks and how they are making a difference in the field.

Improving the Weight of Food Trucks with Lighter Materials

One of the primary ways food trucks have changed through innovations of plastic is through the lighter weight of many plastic products. When stainless steel and other metals are replaced by plastic, the overall weight of the truck is reduced significantly, without sacrificing its look or function. This reduces fuel costs, making a better end-product for the buyer.

LEDs Improve Longevity of Lighting

Food trucks need lighting in several areas. Signage may need lighting to showcase menu boards and products after dark. Interiors need lighting to give the food prep team enough visibility. The truck itself needs lighting for headlights and tail lights. LEDs from Piedmont Plastics provide the durability and longevity that food truck operators crave. These long-lasting, energy efficient lights free their users to spend more time delivering quality food products, and less time maintaining the lighting on their trucks.

FDA-Approved Plastics for Food Prep Areas

Food trucks have the unique need of being safe, yet still mobile, locations for food handling and prep. Everything from cutting boards and prep surfaces to food storage bins and the valves in beverage dispensers can be made effectively with plastics. Piedmont Plastics has a full inventory of USDA, 3A-Dairy, and USDA-complaint plastic materials that work well for food prep areas. These products, like high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and specialty polycarbonate sheet, resist damage from knives and other utensils, do not harbor bacteria, and are easily sanitized. With plastics like these, clean up in the food truck is a breeze.

Improved Graphics with Plastics

Plastics in food truck design are not limited to the truck itself and the food prep areas. Food trucks need bright, bold graphics to ensure people can find them and see what they offer for sale. Vinyl vehicle wraps and aluminum composite material (ACM), like our AluPOLY®, used to create graphics and signage provides a durable product that will showcase printing well. Improved graphics without waviness and warping means better sales, improving the overall function of the truck.

Food truck manufacturers can use plastic to create a better product. When they deliver a better product to the end user, they enjoy improved customer satisfaction. This, in turn, improves overall sales for your company. For more information about how plastics are improving food truck design, reach out to a Piedmont sales professional today.