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How Piedmont Plastics Is Supporting NYC With Innovative Plastic Solutions

Supporting NYC Industries

New York City has many booming industries, and plastics are some of the most essential materials for these industries. Piedmont Plastics serves New York City with innovative plastic solutions that meet various needs. Here are some of the industries we serve and the products we provide that help them achieve their goals.

Construction and Building Industry

Plastics are quickly taking over the construction and building industry. In New York City, where tall, multistory buildings are commonplace, plastics’ lightweight nature, durability, and strength make them an ideal choice.

New York construction companies use plastics for glazing, roofing, and cladding applications. Some of our most innovative and popular products for this industry include:

  • Acrylic – This transparent plastic is highly impact resistant and has better clarity than glass, making it great for windows, skylights, safety partitions, store fixtures, and window glazing.
  • Polycarbonate – With a strength that is 200 times stronger than glass, polycarbonate works well for windows and enclosures too.
  • ACM – ACM combines aluminum with plastic for a tough, impact-resistant building material.

Healthcare Industry

New York City has 11 public hospitals, hundreds of clinics, and medical centers. It is also a hub of medical research and education. As a result, the healthcare industry needs affordable, easy-to-sanitize, and readily available materials to take care of patients.

Plastics are commonly used for medical equipment, packaging, and devices in the medical field. This includes everything from lenses to syringes. Some popular plastics we offer for medical and healthcare needs include:

  • Polycarbonate – Because it is scratch-resistant and antimicrobial, polycarbonate is often used for PPE face shields.
  • Polypropylene – Resistant to corrosion and impacts, polypropylene is a popular medical material option. It's more durable than most plastics and can be easily sterilized. You'll commonly find it in orthotics and prosthetics.  
  • Polyethylene - Resistant to steam sterilization, chemicals, impacts, and moisture, HDPE is a durable material that will not fade or retain harmful bacteria. It's most often used in medical implants and other devices. 

Packaging Industry

Any product sold in NYC requires packaging, and plastic is the go-to choice in this market. Food packaging, consumer goods packaging, and industrial packaging are all vital to the economy of NYC.

Piedmont has several products that work well for packaging. These include:

  • Fluted polypropylene – Fluted polypropylene is a corrugated, lightweight product that makes strong packaging that doesn't add significant weight to the product.
  • High-impact polystyrene – HIPS provides moisture resistance and easy cleaning for packaging a wide range of products.
  • ABS – ABS is heat tolerant and has a glossy exterior, making it a perfect packaging option.

Automotive Industry

Several automotive companies have assembly plants or headquarters in New York, including Daimler, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz Manhattan. These companies require plastics for everything from signage to automotive parts.

Some of the innovative products we offer to the automotive industry include:

  • HDPE – HDPE benefits from high impact resistance and low moisture absorption. This is a common product for food trucks and pickup truck bed liners.
  • PVC – PVC may be used for valves and fittings, automotive parts, and dashboards.
  • Polypropylene – Housings, valves, fittings, and automotive covers can all be made from this flexible plastic. It may also be used for car bumpers.

Advertising and Marketing Industry

New York companies compete for the attention of potential customers and clients. The advertising and marketing industry is very important to the success of these companies. Promotional materials, including billboards, banners, signs, and displays, all rely on plastics to get their message out.

For the marketing and advertising industry in NYC, Piedmont offers:

  • Acrylic – Sign-grade acrylic is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, making it perfect for signs, frames, or displays.
  • PVC foam sheet – Temporary signs and banners can be made from affordable PVC foam sheets.
  • LED Lighting – Our plastics combined with LED lighting make impressive displays that stand out in the busy NYC streets.
  • ACM and Digital ACM – A three-layer panel that is durable and versatile. Can also be easily painted or printed on to match any color or pattern. 

If you are a company located in New York City, Piedmont Plastics is here to help you. Reach out to our team today to find the plastic materials you need.