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How To Care For Protective Plastic Solutions

The coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly changed the perspective of health and safety around the world. Although the threat of a global pandemic is nothing new for humankind, this is perhaps the first time our generation has witnessed a worldwide, disease-oriented, mass hysteria.  As a result, essential businesses and medical facilities everywhere have scrambled to find the right protective solutions to keep their employees and customers safe. Various types of plastic barriers and shields have been purchased and installed to help reduce the spread of disease. But in order to accomplish this goal, these protective materials need to be sanitized on a regular basis, and if the proper cleaning solutions are not used, the integrity of the plastic can be permanently damaged. Each material is unique, so it is important to remember that some materials may require special solutions and treatment when being cleaned or sanitized by an employee.

Protective Solutions & Materials

For the purpose of this article, a protective solution is considered to be an application that helps reduce the spread of disease. Some of these applications include cashier shields, safety partitions, transportation barriers, face shields, anti-microbial solutions, and more! Thanks to the versatility of performance plastics, many of these applications are made with the same materials. For example, our extruded acrylic materials can be used to produce the first three applications listed above. Some of our other products used in protective applications include cast acrylic, polycarbonate, HDPE, PETG, polycarbonate film, and polyester film. For a full list of our COVID-19 protective solutions click here.

Brillianize Cleaner

Piedmont Plastics offers a variety of cleaners for almost any application. However, the Brillianize cleaner product line is certainly one of the most popular to choose from. It is specifically formulated to clean, preserve, and protect plastic surfaces such as acrylic and polycarbonate. In addition, it can also be used to clean other parts of your application that may not be made of plastic materials, such as glass and metal. For applications that need to be cleaned frequently, Brillianize cleaners are essential to have because they will maintain the optical clarity and appearance you desire. Furthermore, it is important to use the correct cloths to clean the surface of your application. To help with this, Piedmont Plastics also provides specialized cloths to help reduce scratching and wear on your applications.

Disinfecting Guidelines

Although using the proper cleaner on plastic barriers and shields is important, it is also vital to remember the correct guidelines when sanitizing plastic surfaces. If you do not follow the instructions listed on the container of each solution, the integrity of your plastic may become compromised. When an employee attempts to sanitize a plastic barrier, it is highly encouraged that they wear the proper equipment to avoid harm and contamination. This includes wearing disposable gloves that should be discarded after each use. Once the employee puts on their cleaning equipment, they should make sure the surface is clean and free of dirt and debris. If the surface is dirty, we recommend cleaning it first using a gentle warm dish washing soap and then rinsing the surface with clean water. After the surface has dried, apply the proper disinfecting solution and follow the manufacturer’s disinfecting guidelines provided on the line card for each product. Furthermore, many disinfecting solutions require a specific amount of contact time with the surface, and if the contact time is too brief, the surface may not be thoroughly disinfected. Once the surface of your plastic barrier is disinfected, using a Brillianize solution to clean and polish the surface is the final step. As mentioned above, using the appropriate cloth to clean a surface is important to consider. In fact, a microfiber cloth has been found to clean 50% better than comparable cotton towels. In addition, cleaning with microfiber cloths reduces harmful bacteria, microbes, and spores by 99% according to a UC Davis Medical Center study.

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At Piedmont Plastics, we offer a variety of cleaners for your performance plastic needs. If you need help finding the right solution for your application, contact us today to speak with a performance plastics expert! You can also read our social distancing solutions brochure, which includes more information about our cleaning solutions and disinfecting guidelines.