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What Should I Look For In Aluminum Composite Material Suppliers?

How To Find the Right Supplier

Aluminum is a fairly common material in many products and projects, yet plastics offer distinctive advantages many industries also find desirable.

What should a business do when they want the benefits of plastic but with the look and feel of aluminum?

That’s where aluminum composite material (ACM) comes in.

To make the most of this material, it’s important to understand what it is, how it’s used, and what to look for in a supplier.

What Is Aluminum Composite Material?

A polyethylene plastic core is adhered to two prefinished metal sheets to create a finished aluminum composite sheet. This combines the low weight and workability of polyethylene with aluminum’s appearance and outside strength to make a stiff sheet of material. Users can benefit from having the best of both worlds with a product that combines the best features of both metal and plastic.

ACM provides a more robust and consistent appearance when compared to solid aluminum since it lays flatter and experiences fewer oil canning and rippling cases. Aluminum composite material is also lighter and more affordable than solid aluminum of the same gauge and thickness. This makes it a more practical choice for budget-conscious businesses and those who must handle, modify, or install their own materials.

Common Uses for Aluminum Composite Material

Almost any application where the appearance of aluminum but the lightness and cost-effectiveness of plastic may be advantageous can benefit from using aluminum composite material.

ACM is frequently used in constructing buildings—particularly for applications that call for a flat sheet of non-load-bearing material. In this case, the aluminum composite material can be used instead of steel or other metals. As such, ACM makes a good interior wall lining material or an architectural face for a building’s façade. In addition, aluminum and polyethylene both possess insulating qualities, so they’re often used to insulate walls.

Since polyethylene supplies a stable, consistent core material and aluminum provides a polished, professional appearance, ACM is also popular for signage. Similarly, it is frequently used in three-dimensional lettering or graphic components for signs or displays since it is simple to manufacture, cut, or route into various shapes.

When seeking a material that combines the better features of metal and performance plastics, locate a reliable provider of ACM to see how this material can address your needs.

What To Look for In Aluminum Composite Material Suppliers

Once you’ve decided to use aluminum composite material for your building, signage, or other manufacturing projects, choosing a reputable supplier that offers high-quality material choices is crucial. Look for suppliers with a wide range of top industry brands and a strong background in the plastics business. For example, AluPOLY® by Piedmont Plastics is a standout ACM sheet option. In addition, Dibond®, Alucoond®, and e-panel®, made by 3A Composites, are quality alternative producers of ACM.

To adequately meet your project requirements, aluminum composite material can come in various colors, finishes, and thicknesses. Depending on your size and durability requirements, numerous grades range from lightweight to heavy-duty.

A good aluminum composite material supplier should be able to provide value-added services once you’ve selected a material to work with. For instance, you might need sheets cut to a specific size or form to easily print sign designs on each face or install them into wall frames. A supplier with expertise working with different industries should be able to either provide a custom cutting or direct you to where you can have it done for the best price and workmanship. Your supplier should be a partner when it comes to meeting your needs.

Other considerations to consider when evaluating aluminum composite material suppliers are turnaround times and customer service. For example, when acquiring supplies for construction projects or new signage that supports your business, time can be a factor. A good ACM supplier should be able to give you instant quotes and have the supplies on hand that you require.

Choosing a supplier with a location close to you means quick service and reduced shipping and processing times.

ACM At Piedmont Plastics

Piedmont Plastics’ team of skilled specialists are prepared to offer you the applications-specific solutions you want. For more information on how ACM can be the best option for your needs and how we can support you and your products, get in touch with us today.