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Signage Trends For 2023

Signage Trends For 2023

Many industries have undergone significant transformations due to increased technological innovation, and the commercial printing sector, specifically for signage, is no different. So naturally, this has resulted in new trends affecting the market lately. Some of these trends have been there for a while, while others are just starting.

New Approaches To Signage

To maintain solid revenues and customer satisfaction over the upcoming months and probably years, businesses need to take a fresh look at how signage is used to its most significant effect.

Here are some of the latest trends and where plastics fit in.

1) LED Signage

LED signs have been around for a while, and people have shown a lot of creativity with what they can communicate with a few lines of colored lights.

These days, it’s not unusual to see signs using high-resolution video to display business names, logos, and information, advertise specials, showcase products, and even entertain. What’s more, is that videos can be updated easily over cables or protected WiFi. Sizes could range anywhere from a standard television to a full-sized billboard,

As a bonus, these signs are strikingly visible at all hours—day or night.

2) Minimalist Design

Sometimes, less is more.

For decades, store owners have tried to stuff as much information as possible onto a sign to the point where it becomes difficult to read when passing by.

Designers are leaning more toward minimalist design featuring a store name and logo. Sometimes they feature one or the other and let the brand speak for itself.

For offices and events, fancy scripts and heavy Roman-inspired fonts are being replaced with thin sans-serif block type against monochrome backgrounds. They’re often clean looking and easy to read.

3) Signs On Demand

As much as POD (print-on-demand) has changed the publishing industry, sign manufacturers are embracing technology that allows signs to be produced quickly but without sacrificing quality.

Customers can bring in their designs on a thumb drive or email them to a print shop and walk out with a sturdy sign or banner in minutes.

4) 3D Printing

Even though 3D printing has been around for a while, it has historically been a specialized field. As 3D printers have become more accessible, this has changed. Even while the price is at an all-time low, that doesn’t mean the average customer can afford them.

Sign manufacturers are integrating 3D printing into their services, allowing customers to create custom signage for businesses or events that stand out.

Plastics In Signage

Plastics are still the material of choice for signs, whether temporary event signs on foam board or permanent signs engraved into acrylic. Here are the best plastics to choose when planning your sign strategy.

Best Material For Outdoor Signage

Weather is one of the biggest concerns for outdoor signs. Naturally, you want something that will stand up to the elements and not degrade. Here are some of the best plastics to consider.

  • Aluminum Composite Materials: Choices in aluminum composite materials are plentiful. These have an aluminum shell and are often filled with plastic, foam, or other polymers. They’re known for their sturdiness and for delivering the toughness and luster of aluminum with less weight and a lower price. In addition, aluminum and its composites are long-lasting and one of the best choices for permanent outdoor signs.
  • Acrylics and Plexiglass: Acrylics can be used like glass, often called “plexiglass.” These materials are visually appealing, inexpensive, and take color well, making them more vibrant and stand out. Semi-translucent acrylic signs work particularly well in natural light. Acrylics and plexiglass are often used for lit cabinet sign fronts. Acrylics are also significantly more robust and lighter than glass and stand up well to all sorts of weather.
  • Vinyl: Vinyl’s relatively low cost makes it a popular sign material when meant to be somewhat disposable. Vinyl is widely used for election signs, events, and banners. If you’re looking for outdoor signage that needs to last a while but isn’t meant to be permanent, you can get thicker varieties that hold up well to wind, rain, and sun.
  • Corrugated Plastic: Corrugated plastic looks like cardboard, but it’s plastic. The hollowed-out design makes it lighter and cheaper than solid plastic. Glue any printed picture on the front for a universal sign template. While corrugated plastic stands up well to weather, It’s better to use it for temporary promotional signage instead of for business signs that may need more display life.

Best Material For Indoor Signage

Indoor signs usually serve particular purposes, such as providing information to visitors, promoting brand awareness, and boosting sales. There’s less concern for weather exposure, but indoor signs still need to withstand heavy foot traffic. Here are some of the more popular plastic materials for indoor signage.

  • Vinyl: Vinyl is perfect for banners, decals, window designs, or any application that requires a flexible, durable surface. Vinyl is used to make hanging, retractable, and step-and-repeat banners. With frames, poles, and grommets, customers can hang banners at offices, businesses, or other areas. Adhesive vinyl can be used in windows or on walls and floors.
  • Foamcore: Foamcore is great for temporary, professional-looking signs and displays. It’s used to construct custom-shaped signage, easel signs, kiosks, and point-of-purchase displays. This lightweight, cheap material is rigid but can be quickly disposed of because it’s built of foam and paper. It’s a popular material for conferences, trade exhibitions, meetings, and presentations. In addition, retailers use it to promote sales or new products.
  • Corrugated Plastic: Corrugated plastic is easy to manufacture, reasonably priced, and presents well. While it is a common material for yard signs, it can also be used indoors as temporary directional signage, as part of a fair trade booth, or for in-store advertising. Corrugated plastic is an excellent choice if you’re searching for a quick signage solution that is a little bit more robust than foamcore.

Signage Material At Piedmont Plastics

If you are looking for the best materials for retail store signs, outdoor retail signage, retail banners, and custom signage, Piedmont Plastics has what you’re looking for. Our dedicated sign and graphics specialists are experts in their field and can assist you every step of the way. From new products to traditional materials, Piedmont Plastics can provide you with the innovative solutions you need.