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Extruded Acrylic Sheet

Extruded Acrylic Sheet

A versatile and all-purpose acrylic sheet with multi-functional properties, Extruded Acrylic Sheet is a workhorse for a large variety of applications including point of purchase displays, lighting, signage, and framing just to name a few. Extruded acrylic sheet is easy to cut, glue, polish, bend and thermoform. Crystal clear and color-tinted options are available featuring no distortion or yellowing and offer better optical quality than glass.

Extruded acrylic sheet features an impact-resistant design that is up to three times stronger than double strength window glass and up to five times stronger than wire glass. It’s also nearly half the weight of these glass materials. Why are these features important? It’s because they add up to a reduction in breakage during transit, greatly reduced shipping costs, and longer overall life of the critical parts used in the application.

Extruded acrylic sheet is available in many colors, patterns, and textures and can be ordered in custom sizes and thicknesses.

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