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Piedmont Plastics provides a variety of accessories for your performance plastic materials. Purchase adhesives, H-stakes, cutting tools, routing bits, and more when you shop with us

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Weld-On Adhesive

Piedmont Plastics is your one-stop-shop for plastic materials and adhesives. We proudly supply Weld-On® adhesive for plexiglass or acrylic. These plastic adhesives were specifically designed to securely bind plastic sheets with great strength.

Product Details and Benefits

Acrylic adhesives like Weld-On® are known for their exceptional strength and efficient bonding of plastic materials. This product is among the strongest in the market and is due to its excellent cohesion and adhesion properties.

Weld-On 3 is a fast-setting, water-thin, non-flammable cement used for high-strength material bonds. When initially applied to the material, the bonds form in a matter of minutes and continually increase in strength after a few hours. This acrylic adhesive is good for gluing small parts where fast drying is necessary.    

Although Weld-On 3 acrylic adhesive is used primarily for acrylics, this adhesive can also form strong bonds with other plastics like polycarbonate, styrene, and butyrate.



Piedmont Plastics stocks H-stakes for corrugated plastic yard signs. H-stakes, also known as step stakes, H-wires, and H-frames, are specifically designed to provide optimal support for corrugated sign displays in outdoor environments.

Product Details and Benefits

Our H-stakes are made from 9 gauge galvanized wire. This steel wire construction provides added strength and durability to the stake to prevent bending, degradation, and rust in outdoor environments. The H-stake is an industry standard for applications like real estate signs, campaign signs, yard signs and more.

The traditional H-wire metal frame is sturdy and easy to use. Our 10in x 30in H-stakes work best with 4mm corrugated plastic sign boards. These simple and cost-effective wire stands are ideal for holding coroplast signs and can be installed in seconds. No special hardware is required.

To install the stake, the top of the stake is intended to be inserted through the flute openings of the corrugated plastic while the bottom is pushed into the ground. These sign stakes have two horizontal rungs, with the bottom rung allowing for extra leverage when placing them into the ground. Make sure the H-stake is taut once installed for maximum performance.

Dimensions and Order Quantity

The dimensions of our H-stakes are 10in wide x 30in high and are sold individually online. These stakes are not sold with blank corrugated sign boards.

Piedmont Plastics can also accommodate larger bundled quantities and size options when requested. Reach out to your local branch directly to place these orders.