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Why Use Twin-Wall Polycarbonate Sheet To Build Greenhouses

For agribusiness and hobbyists, greenhouses are critical to successfully growing plants, because they extend the growing seasons so that it is practically year-round. Yet greenhouses, in order to provide years of reliable use, need to be made from durable, weather-resistant material that helps keep warmth in and the elements out. Twin-wall polycarbonate from Piedmont Plastics is a great choice for this application. Durable, transparent and protective, twin-wall polycarbonate has many properties that makes it ideal for greenhouse design and build projects.

Plastic Material Lighter Than Glass

One of the first benefits of twin-wall polycarbonate for greenhouses is its light design. When the entire wall and ceiling of a structure is made up of a material, it needs to be as lightweight as possible. Twin-wall polycarbonate is 12 times lighter than glass, which means it can be used for ceilings and walls of greenhouses of all sizes, even large commercial applications. It is easier to install and support than glass while offering the same amount of light through to growing plants.

Energy-Efficient Material to Keep Heat Inside

One of the functions of a greenhouse is to provide young plants a warm environment in which to grow, even when the weather outside is cold. Twin-wall polycarbonate keeps heat trapped inside the greenhouse, making it an energy-efficient option for greenhouse construction. It also helps transfer heat from the sun into the interiors space, so the growing plants can thrive.

Virtually Unbreakable Material

Twin-wall polycarbonate is nearly impossible to crack or dent. Even when placed under extreme conditions, such as a violent hail storm, it will not crack. This means it can be used as a greenhouse material for many years without risk or unnecessary replacement costs. This also provides important protection for the plants inside when severe weather strikes.

Resists Condensation and Water

This particular material is excellent at resisting water, which means condensation on the inside of the greenhouse is rare. When installed properly, it will keep water from the outside away from the plants as well. This adds yet another layer of protection to delicate plants as they grow throughout the winter.

Weather Resistant Material

Greenhouses are constantly exposed to the weather, and thus require a weather-resistant material to prevent hardening or yellowing. Piedmont Plastics offers twin-wall polycarbonate paired with a UV-resistant outer layer that makes a particularly weather resistant material. This adds to the durability and longevity of the final greenhouse design.

If you are considering twin-wall polycarbonate sheet for your greenhouse, talk to our team to find out more about the right materials for the job. We offer cut-to-size options, so you can be certain your final delivery is exactly what you need to complete your greenhouse. Add the unbreakable, weather-resistant, water-repelling benefits of twin-wall polycarbonate to your greenhouse design.