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Piedmont Plastics has twin-wall polycarbonate sheet available, which can be used in various applications, including constructing greenhouses.


Greenhouses collect sunlight, converting it to thermal energy to provide a temperature-controlled environment for plants to grow. Covered on all sides with a lightweight plastic material, greenhouses offer protection from the elements and allow for year-round growing, farming, and gardening.

Twin-wall polycarbonate is specifically engineered for use in both commercial and residential greenhouses and is 12 times lighter than glass. Available in a range of sizes and colors, twin-wall polycarbonate sheet is durable, energy-efficient, and resistant to condensation. When paired with a UV-resistant outer layer, greenhouses made with twin-wall polycarbonate can withstand severe weather year after year. Virtually unbreakable, twin-wall Polycarbonate resists impact from hail and other debris that would severely damage other materials as well as the contents inside.

Piedmont Plastics carries a large selection of greenhouse materials, including twin-wall polycarbonate, in our more than 50 locations across North America. Our expert staff will assist you in finding the best materials, and our cutting technicians will ensure your cut-to-size project meets your exact specifications.