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Stand Out From The Competition At Your Next Trade Show

One of the biggest challenges companies face when going to a trade show is finding a way to stay professional, while still standing out from the crowd. Your booth needs something to make people stop and take a closer look, yet too many bells and whistles can detract from your branding goals. If you are headed to a trade show soon, here's how you can stand out with the right display!

Improve the Look of Your Trade Show Booth with Unique Designs

Your brand's overall impression starts with the quality of your trade show booths. Booths come in a number of sizes and shapes, but the ones that stand out are those that have something unique. Perhaps for you, it is a curved counter, while for someone else it may be a unique color or pattern. Elevated platforms, banner displays, and even ceilings can all make a trade show booth look different from the others at the event, enticing people to stop.

Plastics and other related materials offered by Piedmont Plastics offer the flexibility to construct unique trade show booth designs. With these materials, designers have more colors and shapes than with other materials. The lightweight nature makes them easy to install, transport, and disassemble, while their durability and fade-resistance ensure your message is seen well.

Products That Help with Trade Show Booths

What plastic-based products can help designers create the right look for a trade show booth? At Piedmont Plastics, we have found that designers need strong, attractive and moldable materials for these purposes. A thick gauge acrylic sheet, for instance, makes a great tabletop or desk surface, while banners made from thinner, more pliable plastic sheeting is a great addition as well. Aluminum composite sheeting blends the durability of metal and the flexibility of plastic to help enhance your trade show booth design.

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How Piedmont Plastics Can Help

If you are looking to create a trade show booth design that will stand out, Piedmont Plastics can help. We partner with companies that make trades signs, booths and displays to provide the materials necessary to create these looks. We work with manufacturers to provide durable materials that create polished final designs, providing expert guidance to choose the right materials. We have close tolerance cutting and routing to ensure custom shapes when needed.

Be sure to check out all of our PSG branded products for your next trade show exhibit needs.

For help choosing the right materials for your next trade show booth design, contact the team at Piedmont Plastics.