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How Plastic Materials Are Used In Specialty Vehicles

The automotive industry is benefiting significantly from advances in plastics. The lighter weight and corrosion resistance of plastics make them ideally suited for a wide range of applications in vehicles. Specialty vehicles, which are those vehicles designed for a purpose other than simple transportation, are seeing quite a few benefits from plastics. Here are some of them.

Creating Durable, Easy-to-Sanitize Interiors

The interiors of the cargo space of vehicles are being transformed through the use of plastics. Enclosed cargo trailers, for example, are being made from plastics like PolyCor and the materials are exceptional in their ability to stand up to the wear and tear of constantly moving equipment and products.

For example, emergency vehicles and mobile medical response vehicles are benefiting from the corrosion resistance of plastics, which makes it easy to sanitize and sterilize the interior of these critical pieces of equipment. Food trucks can also utilize plastics for preparation counters and serving counters. Not only will the plastic stand up well under cutting and chopping actions, but the plastic can easily be sanitized to meet health department regulations since it’s resistant to chemicals.

In addition, plastic is much easier to mold and more cost effective than many metals, so the interiors of these specialty vehicles can be custom designed to fit the specific needs of their owners and operators. In any specialty application where a custom interior is needed, plastics make sense.

Lightweight Plastics Improve Function of Specialty Vehicles

In addition to improving the interior of specialty vehicles, plastics improve the external aerodynamics, portability, and durability of these vehicles. Modular buildings, for instance, often feature a significant number of plastic components, because plastic makes them lighter and easier to transport from one place to the next. In addition, PolyCor AP panels offer the perfect replacement for traditional aluminum trailer panels. PolyCor AP is structurally sound, will not oil can like aluminum, and is easy to clean and install. 

Plastic is the material of choice for truck camper shells and camper shell windows for the same reason. Even heavy equipment benefits from the lightweight nature of plastics, combined with its impact and corrosion resistance. Plastic components can be found in motors, hydraulic components, shafts and other applications where weight is important. As an added benefit, plastics are resistant to damage from asphalt, salt, coal, mud and other hazards of the construction site.

With so many applications possible, the specialty vehicle market benefits significantly from the addition of plastics. Piedmont Plastics is here to help manufacturers find the right plastic products for the specialty vehicles they are crafting. Talk to one of our sales professionals today to discuss your needs and learn more about what options are available.

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