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Piedmont Plastics® PolyCor® AP

POLYCORAP OVERVIEW PolyCor AP is a specially formulated siding material designed to meet the rigorous demands for trailer siding. Traditional aluminum siding is greatly affected by heat and cold leading to an unsightly effect known as oil canning. PolyCor AP is structurally designed to prevent oil canning even in extreme temperatures and has a polyester paint that can be easily cleaned with standard household cleaning products. PolyCor AP makes for a cooler brighter quieter and better looking trailer. FEATURES BENEFITS PRODUCT INFORMATION Lightweight Easily Cleaned Reduces Noise STANDARD COLORS Completely Waterproof Excellent Structural Stability Excellent Chemical Resistance Gloss Black Metallic Silver SHEET SIZES STANDARD COLORS POLYCOR AP VS ALUMINUM 49 x 96 - 49 x 108 49 x 144 VIBRANT OTHER COLORS The average weight per sheet of PolyCor AP is 0.58 lbsft2. PolyCor AP is slightly lighter than .040 aluminum and 25 lighter than .050 aluminum. PolyCOR AP is UL compliant. Polar White Charcoal Grey Sahara Desert Victory Red True Blue Indigo Blue Caution Yellow Brandywine Construction Orange Lucky Green Brushed Aluminum Interior Only Champagne SHEET SIZES VIBRANT COLORS 49 x 96 SURFACE FINISH PET Paint 1 SidePrimer 1 side LEARN MORE POLYCORAP Physical Properties PROPERTY STANDARD UNIT VALUE Gauge mm 2mm .08 Gauge Tolerance in. .006 Skin Thickness DIN 1784 in. .006 Skin Tolerance DIN 1784 in. .0008 Length Tolerance in. .118 Width Tolerance in. .08 in. .197 in. .315 lbsft2 0.58 STANDARD UNIT VALUE Section Modulus W DIN 53293 in3yd 0.103 Rigidity Poissons ratio .3 E.I DIN 53293 kNm2m. 0.97 Modulus of Elasticity EN 1999 1-1 lbsft2 10153660 Skin Tensile Strength EN 485-2 lbsft2 21030 .2 Proof Stress EN 485-2 lbsft2 29 13053 Elongation EN 485-2 3 EN 1999 1-1 mmmC 2.4 at 100C Temp diff. Horizontal Flatness DIN ISO 1101 Longitudinal Roughness Weight per Sheet Technical Properties PROPERTY Linear Thermal Expansion

Temperature Range Approx .000156ftF F -58 - 176 Surface Properties TESTING ITEM Coating Thickness PE Guarantee PE LEARN MORE COATINGS STANDARD INDEX 1 Coating 16um 3 - 5 Years